• How long have you been a photographer?

"I went to college in 2005 to study photography and I graduated in 2008. I started my career in Los Angeles right after college, and then I moved back to Iowa in early 2011 and  expanded my services in weddings and portraits. I have been shooting ever since."

  • How would you describe your photography style?

"I've practiced with different lighting techniques, filters and softwares through the years, and I've learned that what I love the most is having my images clean, classic and timeless."

  • Do you travel for photo shoots?

"Yes I do. I'm located in West Des Moines, but I travel all around Iowa for portraits and weddings."

  • Do you shoot weekdays and weekends?

"Yes I do. Most of my Saturdays are booked for weddings, but I always plan with each client  a date and time that works best for both our schedules."

  • When is your favorite time of the day to shoot outdoors?

"My favorite time is early morning or close to sunset, but sometimes that doesn't work for everyone's schedule, and that is nothing to worry about. I've shot outside plenty of times in different elements that I understand what can be done to achieve the best lighting."

  • When will our photographs be finished?

"My turn around time for wedding clients are 4 weeks or less. Portrait sessions are finished in 2 weeks or less."

  • How many photographs will we receive? 

"For wedding clients, it will depend on which collection they choose to book. Standard number for wedding clients are 350+ images, and all other portrait sessions will receive 35+ images."

  • Can we have the raw files or all the images taken?

"Raw files are not available, and all my clients receive edited images only. I select the best captures to be edited that I share with my clients and keep for my portfolio. All the un-edited files are discarded in the editing process."

  • Can we share our photographs with our family and friends?

"Yes please! Your online gallery is password protected, so you can share your password to whomever you would like and they can download and make print orders for themselves right from your gallery."

  • Can we share our photographs online?

"Yes, but please always make sure to credit my photographs with Cherry Chiles Photography or tag my business because the photos will have no watermark on them to protect them from being stolen online."

  • Do you shoot on location only or do you have a shooting space available?

"I offer both. I have a space located in Historic Valley Junction for indoor shooting, and I love to shoot outdoors or a location of your choosing."

  • How would you describe yourself when you shoot?

" I am a ball of cheerful and excited energy when I shoot. Some people are naturals in front of the camera, but its ok if your nervous because I will be right there always talking to you and giving you direction . I always want my guest to have a great experience and to have fun!"

  • Can we meet before booking?

"Absolutely. I would love the opportunity to meet and answer any questions for you."

  • Why do you love being a photographer?

"The experience is the best part of being a photographer! I started perusing photography back in 2005, and since then I have met some amazing individuals, had the opportunity to be on some high end photo set ups, collaborated with upcoming and experienced artists, and having such an amazing time with some of my clients that our sessions become more of a reunion. The time invested in getting to know someone, learning, and being inspired is why I love being a photographer."-Cherry Chiles