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Formal Portrait List
This is the guide Cherry will be following to cover your wedding formals shot list with your wedding party and family. Please only copy and paste from the list below of what you would like to have captured and add on what you don't see listed. If you have any questions, please let me know. Cheers! BRIDE & GROOM BRIDE & GROOM W/ BRIDE’S FAMILY BRIDE & GROOM W/ GROOM'S FAMILY BRIDE & GROOM W/ BOTH FAMILIES BRIDE & GROOM W/BRIDE'S SIBLINGS BRIDE & GROOM W/ GROOM'S SIBLINGS BRIDE & GROOM W/ HER GRANDPARENTS BRIDE & GROOM W/ HIS GRANDPARENTS BRIDE & GROOM W/ OFFICIATE BRIDE & GROOM W/ WEDDING PARTY BRIDE & GROOM W/ RING BEARER AND FLOWER GIRL BRIDE W/ BRIDESMAID BRIDE W/ EACH BRIDESMAID BRIDE W/PERSONAL ATTENDANT GROOM W/ GROOMSMEN GROOM W/ EACH GROOMSMEN GROOM W/ USHERS -ADDITIONAL IDEAS- Bride w/mom Bride w/dad Bride w/parents Bride's parent's for their couple's portrait Groom w/mom Groom w/dad Groom w/parents Groom's parent's for their couple's portrait Bride & Groom w/Bride's family+extended family Bride & Groom w/Groom's family+extended family